We’re in Goody gameworks really love to play games!
In every real-life occasion we always find a hiding cave just to slay another dragon,
farming a jellybean, explore forgotten forest, or say hi to fellow guild member!
that what really push ourselves to make goody games for all the gamer out there!

play hard, swing your sword harder, it’s a goody time!

Our current base is located
in the abandoned 2nd floor
tower filled with games

Dont take the guard lightly!
because every of our member
are a Dragon born.

Our currently secret
formula to boost our
24/7 working spirit
is a chocolate Ogre milk

who can’t resist such thing..

We spend our relaxing time
by playing with bunny grow
by the Troll itself
altough we always got ignored..

you can call her NomNom!


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